Monday, June 29, 2015

Feeder drops and joint bars

Out of spikes with about 2 out of 5 ties spiked so I soldered the feeders in today.  All the track is "safety spiked" so its together enough to run trains across both modules.
I decided to purchase a small package of scale joint bars to see how they look.  Putting them on is a bit tedious, but the effect is really great.  Now just to paint them and the rails.....
I also soldered all the rail joints while I had the iron out.
The bus is hung under the modules and I will solder the feeders tomorrow.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

More On30 track progress

If you haven't been a long time follower or are just confused at seeing pictures of old narrow gauge equipment on a blog that is supposed to be about modeling the Bangor & Aroostook, let me catch everyone up.  Due to issues from a particularly bad winter, the old BAR layout had to come down to redo the room in which it lived.  You can see the bare studs going up in the background of the pictures below.  To keep me busy, I have decided to build 2 modules in On30.  I designed them to be light and portable so that, if I wish, I can take them to shows.  This is the plan for them.
On to the update:
Got the rest of my ties stained up and spent some time spiking.  All of the track for the modules is laid now.  I will move onto to soldering feeders next and then carving the land contours.  I will have to come back to spike all the "in between" ties when I get more spikes in the mail.

I really need to slide the modules about 3 feet further into the room so that this end is under the lights.

The Xuron brand spiking pliers have been the best investment in handlaying tools I have ever made.  I could see myself doing without all my other track tools if necessary, but not these.  I highly recommend them.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More track

A bit more progress on laying track and getting the manual turnout throws installed.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Upon receiving word from Cream City Turnouts that the last 3 turnouts for the On30 modules were in the mail, I dug out my supplies and started staining ties.  I started with a bag stained various shades of blue grey.  Varying the length of the soak gives a wide range of colors and a hit from mid grit paper will make them look a bit worn.

The next bag will be done the same way but with a light brown stain to add more variance in colors.
The next update should have some actual progress.  I am excited to be actually building something again.

Monday, June 8, 2015


I am very sorry that there has been no activity here for so long.  Between the arrival of spring and yard duties and the still missing order of On30 turnouts from Cream City Turnouts, I simply have made no progress.
The only layout related work that I have gotten to is to stain some On30 ties in preparation to get started on the modules.  I am going to make the effort to spend some time at the bench in upcoming days as I still have lots of woodchip hopper conversions that need attention.
Stay tuned