Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday is here!

Looks like the turkeys all went out of town this season.  Making trees sure is time consuming.  Most of the time that I had this week was spent on the continuing saga of making several thousand trees. 

 I also started on a farmstead scene this week

Put down a bit of static grass here and there, too.
Hopefully, next week will see more progress.  Join me back here next Sunday for more!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Update October 19

It's been quite a week.  My parents were up to hunt Moose this week with no luck.  I didn't even go out looking for turkeys because on Monday I twisted my bad knee and couldn't walk for two days.  The dog almost got into it with a skunk and when I tried to save the day, I ended up being the stinky one....  Friday was my birthday and the little lady bought me some video games that took up all day yesterday.

But, onto what your really here for, The layout.  I poured the first layer of water at the bridge on the branch line.  It will need at least one more coat, but it's starting to look great.

I did a little work on this Intermountain boxcar this week.  I removed the roof walk and fixed up the roof to modernize it to where it would be in the mid 80's. 

The North Atkinson Paper company received some new power this week.  It's a heavily modified Athearn blue box that has been super detailed, repowered and has sound, DCC, and a current keeper.  This was purchased to replace the aging RS-3 that had electrical failure recently.
Made a bit more progress on the GP7r conversion that I have been working on.  Got the red sprayed and started on placing the white stripes.
That's it for this week.  Be sure to come back next Sunday evening for more!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Trees! Glorius trees!

Time for the Sunday update!  No turkeys again this week.  Funny how they took over my property in January and June, but disappear like smoke in March and October. 
Anyway, what time I spent in the layout room this week was mostly tree time. 

I got in two boxes of Super Trees, a kit of evergreens, and a kit of deciduous trees.  I have used about half of the two kits and about 2/3 of a box of Super Tree material, so far.

I spent a bit of time filling out the scenery around the river crossing on the branch.  Should be water here for next weeks update.

A few other things got tinkered with but either didn't get pictures or are not really worth taking a picture of. 
I got a working crossing installed and set up.  Comes on, flashes, bell rings, goes off after the train clears.  I am really happy with it but, pictures don't really show it well. 

The lighting bus is finally under the whole layout.

The details are on finished on the GP7u conversion that I am doing.  All that's left is paint.  Hoping to be ready for next weekend. 
I think that's about it for this week.  Check back in next Sunday evening for more!


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday update

No turkeys this week but, it has been great weather to be out in the woods.  I have had just a little time each day to do railroad stuff.  Here is a recap of what progress has been made this week.
I worked on some Scenic Express super sage tree kits this week.  It's basically the same process used in super trees but, with the added step of having to prep trunks and glue super tree material to them.

Most of main street is off the bench and back on the layout fresh with new windows and lights.
A few places got new lights, like this potato house.
The cement plant.

The elevator complex got lights, a warning beacon and some new plants for the office.

More scenery progress on the river and parts of the stream.

And last, but not least, more progress on my conversion of a GP7 to a GP7u.  Handrails and the horn is on and the first base coat of grey. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A few lights and water

It's turkey season, so updates will limited for the next few weeks.  Since I will likely only be in the layout on Sundays, I will be posting only on the weekend for awhile.
I put a few lights up around the dock and the elevator.

And poured the first layer of water on a drainage ditch.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A bit of scenery and some street lights

I'm sorry that I've missed a few blog posts but, I got back into the layout room today.  I took the buildings from main street to the bench to add lights.  While the streets were empty, I installed some nice street lights. 

I put down a few more layers of scenery around the river on the branch.  Once I finish painting the next batch of rocks and get them in place, I think that I will be ready for water.
I ordered in some Super Sage tree kits and got started on the trunks between other projects today.  Trimmed and dipped in matte medium is step one.  Next is using super tree material to build branches and then ground foam and super leaf as usual.