Thursday, July 2, 2015

18' pulwood rack

I have become quite partial to shorty cars while building the On30 modules.  In surfing around to find more cars for the fleet, I found a company that I had not heard of before, Mount Blue Model Co.  They have several kits that are perfect for what I want, are priced really well, and no too far away from me.

This kit adapts a Bachman 18' flat car into an awesome shorty pulpwood car.  The kit did not come with a load but, I filled this one with short cut and split wood meant for the North Atkinson Paper's locomotives.  There is almost 1000 pieces of hand split wood in this car!

I have to say, these Mount Blue kits are really nice.  I am super happy with how this car turned out.  I also purchased an 18' reefer kit that I started to assemble this evening.  Pics of that tomorrow.
Maybe I'll get to that ballast soon too  =p

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