Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday update

No turkeys this week but, it has been great weather to be out in the woods.  I have had just a little time each day to do railroad stuff.  Here is a recap of what progress has been made this week.
I worked on some Scenic Express super sage tree kits this week.  It's basically the same process used in super trees but, with the added step of having to prep trunks and glue super tree material to them.

Most of main street is off the bench and back on the layout fresh with new windows and lights.
A few places got new lights, like this potato house.
The cement plant.

The elevator complex got lights, a warning beacon and some new plants for the office.

More scenery progress on the river and parts of the stream.

And last, but not least, more progress on my conversion of a GP7 to a GP7u.  Handrails and the horn is on and the first base coat of grey. 

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