Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Update October 19

It's been quite a week.  My parents were up to hunt Moose this week with no luck.  I didn't even go out looking for turkeys because on Monday I twisted my bad knee and couldn't walk for two days.  The dog almost got into it with a skunk and when I tried to save the day, I ended up being the stinky one....  Friday was my birthday and the little lady bought me some video games that took up all day yesterday.

But, onto what your really here for, The layout.  I poured the first layer of water at the bridge on the branch line.  It will need at least one more coat, but it's starting to look great.

I did a little work on this Intermountain boxcar this week.  I removed the roof walk and fixed up the roof to modernize it to where it would be in the mid 80's. 

The North Atkinson Paper company received some new power this week.  It's a heavily modified Athearn blue box that has been super detailed, repowered and has sound, DCC, and a current keeper.  This was purchased to replace the aging RS-3 that had electrical failure recently.
Made a bit more progress on the GP7r conversion that I have been working on.  Got the red sprayed and started on placing the white stripes.
That's it for this week.  Be sure to come back next Sunday evening for more!

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