Thursday, September 18, 2014

Atlas GP38 DCC and sound install

The only project that I got to work on today was installing a tsunami sound decoder into one of my Atlas GP38.  I had two of these left to do and finally decided to work on them today.  I milled the weights on both of them while I was in the shop. 

In these locos, there is enough room for a current keeper on top of the board.  I am completely enamored with current keepers.  They make locos run so much smoother.  I have purchased a pile of these and am adding them to any locomotives in the fleet that don't already have them.  Soundtraxx makes the best one in my opinion, but TCS makes a very good one as well.  The TCS one is about half the size, but only holds power for about 3 seconds.  The tsunami one will hold power for 10 seconds.

I prefer Train Master speakers.  They have models with baffels installed that fit most popular locos.  I got one all buttoned up, programed and running.  Hopefully I will get the final GP38 finished tomorrow and can start putting current keepers in my trio of GP7s.

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