Friday, September 26, 2014

Rocks and scenery

Last thing last night, I poured a couple rock moulds full of plaster.  This morning I tipped them out and painted them up.  This evening I put a few in place along the river bank.  A little scenery to fill the gaps and they will look great.

The plastic on the front of the river are dams in preparation for pouring the Enviro-Tex water.  I seal them in with a bit of clear silicone.  Once everything dries, you can't see the silicone.
I was in the area so, I decided to splash some paint and ground foam on the stream that I plastered yesterday.  It still needs static grass, bushes, etc, but I just needed to cover the pink and white, it's kind of a peeve of mine.  I need to come back with a smaller brush to get under the bridge.

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