Wednesday, September 24, 2014

No progress to report, but a plan for a track change

My new security system arrived today, so the only layout work that got done today was the installation of two more sets of track lighting.  I decided to go ahead and wire them up because I had the power off anyway to wire up the new cameras in the shop. 

This is the most recent incarnation of the track plan for my layout.  This is how the track sits right now with one exception, the siding on the right side has been moved.  The upper turnout has been moved down and the lower turnout has been moved around the corner and is up against the river.  The siding is now curved, albeit more gently than the curve in the picture. 

 I moved it because the upper turnout was unreachable from the lower isle which meant a 70' walk every time you needed to throw it.  The stub siding is still in that location and has two industries on it.  The spots can't be reached from the upper isle and the turnout can't be reached from the lower.  It's a giant pain.  Tomorrow, I will be relocating the siding and industries to the open area on the left end of the layout.  There is plenty of room over there, just empty forest for the most part.

Looks like winter is on it's way.  Guess I better get the heat hooked up in the layout room while I'm at it too!!

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