Tuesday, January 20, 2015

projects and progress

We had a couple warm days so I spent some extra time in the layout room.  I worked on the platform for the wood chip un-loader.  I have run out of strip wood and will have to put this on hold until I can make the hour long trip to the nearest shop.

I also started putting a few details on the traveling crane part of the un-loader.  Some gusset plates and patches.  Finish up these and a coat of paint, then I can string the hydraulic hoses.
I also dug out a SW1500 that has been hiding in some boxes of stuff I figured I would never use and started to do a DCC and sound install.  The decoder and speaker are in and working fine, but I am waiting on a keep alive to arrive in the mail to finish the project.  This was a "what if" project that I toyed with a few years back to see if I could make a feasible prototype that never existed.
The paint that I had at the time was not an exact match for the BAR colors, but with some weathering, I think I can bring this "what if" locomotive to life.  If I can find where I put the fuel tank....
That's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and come back again!

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