Sunday, August 24, 2014

A few things

Not much time today.  Assembled and painted a set of sideframes for the dummy F3 that I have.  The previous sets were really old Athearn blue box sideframes with almost no detail to them at all. 

I have been working on this background building with leftovers from a couple Walthers and Rix kits.  Should be ready for the layout tomorrow.

I got this used flatcar assembled with the load on it a few months ago.  It looks great, but have never ridden right.  Looked awesome in the yard, but derailed on every frog, switchpoint, and rail joint it crossed.  Wheelsets were in gauge, but I tried a set of new wheels from Kadee for giggles.  It didn't help.  I brought it in to the bench today and completely swapped the truck out for a new set from Walthers.  I will run it tomorrow and see what happens.

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