Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Odd projects

I started the day by carving out some areas for a stream and some drainage ditches.  I started applying spackle to this ditch and realized that it was just too straight.  Tomorrow I will dig it up and modify it to be curvy.  You rarely see nice straight ditches unless they are following a road or tracks.

I made the mistake of laying in this short bridge over Alder stream before I finished carving out the bottom of the stream bed.  Its proving to be a pain, but progress is moving along.

Added these two small grain bins to the elevator area.  Still have a few of the large ones like on the left to build.

I have been cutting up and milling the pieces of a wheeled log loader to build a custom log unloader on a travelling crane frame for the paper mill.  Getting close to having it all together.

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