Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's Sunday!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Hopefully things are getting back to normal now.  Updates will be more regular, but with the layout approaching complete except for detailing, there may not be enough for a post everyday.
I'll start with the biggest first.  I am very happy that I finally finished my GP7r conversion project.  #23 is finished, weathered, and in service on the layout.  It started life as a standard Atlas GP7 just like #60 behind it in the pictures.  Like all of the locos in my roster, it has DCC and sound and a current keeper. 

I built and installed a variety of track bumpers and stops this week.

I built a wooden stake body for a Promotex tractor that I had on hand.  This will eventually carry propane tanks for delivery.

Speaking of trucks...  I can't believe how competitive the market for HO scale trucks for the grain industry is.  I have finally managed to acquire 3 bulk grain trucks and the first arrived this weekend.

I grabbed some ties out of the bag that are stained to look new and glued up some bundles for the MOW work train that I am detailing.  Still need to figure out banding.  Will try cutting kapton tape into strips and see how it looks.
I got a couple of generic houses in a lot recently.  I had an empty spot and decided to plant a few house lots.  I started on the first one this week.
I have started building a few unloading racks for tank cars this week.  Here is the first one getting its base coat of paint next to a batch of spike kegs destined for the work train.
That's it for this week!  Thanks for looking.  The blog will be going back to updates being posted on the day I do the work, so check back often.  See you soon!

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