Sunday, November 16, 2014


It's been a busy, and cold, week.  The only heat in the layout room was a small electric heater and my efforts at adding more insulation to the walls and ceilings hasn't progressed quite fast enough, so it's been pretty chilly in there.  It's messy looking now, but the facia will hide it.

I tapped into the 240v line in the building and added an outlet for a heavy forced air heater.  It does the job well and will hopefully have to run less as I finish insulating the ceiling.  I have been working with my GrassTech II this week.  Laying static grass over the base of ground foam.

Static grass and spilled corn at the elevator
I added some details around my scratch built potato house and the mixed freight building.

And more details to the town

Got some retaining walls in and started planning out where they will be cut in.
Finally got some muscle in to help move my workbench from the house out to the layout
And last, but not least, I worked on this DCC install.  It's a Bowser U25B.  I added a Tsunami BW1000 sound decoder and a current keeper.  Unfortunately, I miss measured and will either have to mill a spot for or cut down the number of capacitors inside the keep alive unit.
Well, that's it for this week.  Since my workbench is finally set up again, I am hoping to have a few more loco and car projects to show next weekend.  Check back for more!

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