Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sunday update... on Tuesday!

After spending most of the weekend and Monday with no electricity, the power finally came back on in the night sometime.  We weathered the storm and resulting power loss well, much to my significant other's surprise, due to a backup wood stove, a small generator, and a supply of water that I keep for just such occasions. 

Anyway, since most of my working time was taken from me this week, this update will be smaller than normal.  Of course, more trees.  I have a good setup for making super trees and try to get a few minutes a day to rotate them through the process so that I have a steady supply to place when I have time.  I worked on plants, grass, and trees on two of the small streams that are on the layout this week.

I built this concrete barn this week and started the rough placement of the gravel and brush around it.

I also added a new locomotive to the roster.  It's a Bowser F3 with Tsunami sound.  It runs really well but I will still be installing a keep alive in it as soon as I have time.
That's all I have this week.  I am planning on hitting the very last unscenicked spot on the layout for this weeks project. Come back next Sunday for more!


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