Sunday, December 7, 2014

details, trees, and progress on a brass hopper

It's tree factory time again.  Another box of Super Trees start the process today.  I shaped them while watching movies last night and soaked and hung them today.

Since the layout scenery is mostly complete (except for trees, soooo many trees), I am finally digging into the huge pile of details that I have been collecting over the years.  I worked on a few screw jacks and mail boxes today.

I painted the safety yellow on the handrails on two of the tank platforms that I am building.
I put down the first layer of paint on this brass cylindrical hopper this morning.  I also painted and weathered up the trucks that go to it.  This is my first foray into brass rolling stock. 

And finally, trucks are starting to populate the industries around the layout.  It's amazing how much difference vehicles, figures, and small details make in a scene.

Thanks for looking!  Come back soon!



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