Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I spent what time that I had today giving the brass BL2 that I just finished a good run-in.  It's a heck of a puller and the keep alive circuit that I put in it is magic, but I had some problems.  This loco doesn't like my Micro Engineering turnouts.  It picked just about everyone of them and, having brass pilots, every time it derailed, it shorted the DCC system out.  I might just have to replace the wheels.  I thing the flanges are too wide.

I was just about frustrated enough to park it in the engine house and get the triplets out, when it picked the points on a stub siding and it broke the spring that locks the points to the outside rail.  It left the turnout inoperable.  I did what I would do when I was MOW and spiked it over for the main until I can fix it permanently.  I ran the triplets for a bit, sorting a cut of cars for the paper mill to calm myself down.  I then headed back into my shop to get some real world work done.


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