Friday, July 4, 2014

Painted track, tank rack, and a botched weathering job.

I built this tank rack this morning for loading outgoing black liquor tanks from the paper mill.  I'm working on an unloading setup further down this same spur for unloading green liquor.  In this picture, you can see that I have started spraying the rails today.  I'm starting with bright rust, then moving into a darker brown after.  Then I will paint some individual ties odd colors to mix it up.
The triplets, all speed matched and consisted with sound.
I made up an alcohol rust wash to age this car but it flowed in a really odd way.  It took too much work to cut up and kitbash a boxcar into this woodchip hopper for it to look like this.  I'm so disappointed with it, I'm considering striping the whole car and start over, but I likely won't with the huge pile of other cars that I have left to work on.
If anyone has a couple Atlas GP38s in the Bangor & Aroostook red, black, and grey paint that could be for sale, drop me a message at

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