Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Off stage work and weathering practice

Spent a lot of time today doing things that are not really photo worthy.  Ripped Masonite sheets into strips to use for the facia.  Hung and wired another set of LED track lights. I spent some time on the Anyrail program working up a plan to add a peninsula to double the mainline run.  It would mean moving the N scale stand-alone layout that I had originally planned to build in that spot to another spot in the house, but I have several empty rooms in the house itself where it can eventually live.  I'll post up the new tentative track plan I am working on.
Spent a bit of time at the bench today installing a Tsunami decoder in this Atlas GP38.  Installation went smoothly and it runs and sounds great.  Since this blue paint scheme would be very old in the 80's, I am practicing some weathering technics with water thinnable oil paints.  I plan on making this loco look like it's worked had for it's pay.  Here is a picture of it's current progress.


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