Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A day of love and hate

Did a bit of what I hate most in Model Railroading and a bit of my favorite.  I really hate plaster work, especially clean up and sanding.  But, I absolutely love seeing all that pink, white and blue disappear under a nice coat of brown and ground cover.  To me, it's the first step where a layout stops looking like a crazy pile of foam and plaster and starts looking like a layout.  

I put up some foam board for the backdrop as a test.  I was going to use sheetrock and/or hardboard but, I have problems lifting due to injuries from a car accident and those were just too heavy for me.

Also started digging my structures out of storage to get a more visual idea of how they will fit.  I'll post of few more pics of the other structures that I have tucked away tomorrow.

If anyone has a GP38 (or a pair) in the BAR red, black, and grey paint scheme for sale, message me at hobbezeq@gmail.com

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