Saturday, June 28, 2014

Making brown go green

Spent most of my layout time today putting cable staples on the bus to hang it up tight against the bottom of the benchwork.  That doesn't make for good pictures, so I snapped this pic of some of the bottom layer of the basic scenery.  I really love the transition from pink to brown to green.
The layout mascsot, Angry Pink, has found a new home on the very top of the Kraft process mill so that he can keep track of everything.
Of course, in both pictures, you can clearly see the wrinkles and creases in the Walthers instant horizons backdrops.  Trying to remove them to take out the wrinkles destroys them, so I have to choose between leaving the creases or buying a different backdrop. 
If anyone has a couple Atlas GP38s in the Bangor & Aroostook red, black, and grey paint that they would be willing to sell, drop me a message at

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