Friday, June 20, 2014

Running trains!

Got my hands on a 16v 5.5 amp power supply and hooked it up today.  After testing, I put  all the locomotives that have sound in the yard.  The sound of 10 diesels spooling up at the same time was really awesome.  A trip around the layout and in and out of each siding found a turnout with a point that wasn't getting power and 2 spots that need feeders. 
Spent some time at the bench today too.  Put together this little Pikestuff kit for the engine house at the Brownville Jct. yard.
And put the final touches on this Walthers kit for outbound paper loading at the paper mill. 

The view from the outbound loading end of the mill.  Should be a great spot for some good photos once the scenery is down.

If anyone has a couple Atlas GP38s in the Bangor & Aroostook red, black, and grey paint that they would be willing to sell, drop me a message at

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