Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A little mill work

 Laid track and roadbed from the bridge into the North Atkinson Paper mill.  I have run out of track joiners so, track laying is on hold for a few days until more arrive.   Gives me an excuse to get out my weathering supplies.  I have about a dozen cars waiting for weathering and 2 locos that need dcc and sound so, the work won't stop while I wait.


Got the second bridge built, weathered, and ready to drop in as soon as the abutments show up in the mail. 

Tried out a new rusting solution today.  It's called Dr. Ben's.  Not sure how I feel about it.  It goes on really easy and what it leaves behind looks like rust.  Maybe I just need more practice using it.

If anyone has one or a couple Atlas GP38s in the Bangor & Aroostook red, black, and grey paint that they would sell, drop me a message at

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