Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More track finally

Laid another section of track today.  Everything is down except for Brownville Jct. yard now.
Glue drying doesn't make for good pictures, so here is a few pics of the North Atkinson Paper mill switcher working the yard.  It's an old CP Alco that the NAP bought on the cheap.  She leaks oil like a sieve, but the crew keeps her well maintained.  In the background, BAR GP7s 60 and 62, and GP9 69 pull in to the mill with a long cut of empty boxes destined to be loaded with paper.

Working on more of the swamp

I don't know if the BAR ever had any of these old hoppers, but I really like them, so I am re-lettering a few for cement service. 

If anyone has a couple Atlas GP38's in the Bangor & Aroostook red, black, and grey paint that they would be willing to sell, drop me a message at hobbezeq@gmail.com

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